Millie Peterson

Millie Peterson

Long time Antioch resident Millie Peterson passed away peacefully on June 30, 2020, at the age of 101. Born on September 9, 1918, on 10th Street in Antioch, Millie attended Antioch schools from Kindergarten to 12th grade graduating with the class of 1935 from Antioch High School. Millie volunteered for the American Cancer Society, Delta Memorial (Sutter) Hospital for 20 years, and the El Campanil theater as an usher. She was involved in various organizations/clubs, including

  • Holy Rosary Church
  • YLI Young Ladies Institute for over 80 years
  • Native Daughters
  • Sons of Italy
  • Women’s Club
  • Historical Society

Millie exemplifies the Antioch spirit of perseverance and service. Millie will be deeply missed by all her family and friends.

Message by Antioch Historical Museum

Every year Millie Peterson would attend the Victorian Tea at the Antioch Historical Museum. Last week, she passed away just shy of her 102nd birthday. She was born in Antioch in 1918. Her wedding dress is featured in the bridal room at the museum. She will be missed at our tea for sure.

Back in 2012, she was featured in an East Bay Times article, “A Life of Work, Fun and Friends” written by Trine Gallegos.

Below is an excerpt from the article.

Her father, P.K. Bigelow, ran a dairy farm on Ninth near F and G streets. He also lived his whole life in Antioch. Later, he worked for decades for the city; eventually getting a street named after him.

“I am sometimes wistful about the old days,” she said. “Growing up, Peterson and her family would treat themselves to the movies once a month. And, every Sunday they would enjoy a vaudeville show at the El Campanil Theatre.

Peterson was one of about 30 in Antioch High’s 1935 graduating class. She said there are only a couple of her old classmates still alive, and she is grateful for her new circle of friends.

She enjoyed her job at Famous Fashions (in downtown Antioch) for 30 years. And, continues to take pleasure in the Antioch Woman’s Club (since 1986). She enjoyed her nearly 20 years of volunteering at Sutter Medical Center.

She liked the progress that has unfolded in her lifetime, but does miss some past joys: “People weren’t in a hurry. Everyone would stop and talk.

“There are really nice ideas out there, but with modern technology a lot of little graces have been lost.”

She says she doesn’t have a secret formula to share to help other to keep sharp and active at her age, but she does believe “attitude has so much to do with it.

Her advice to today’s youth?

“Live life to the fullest; take every opportunity you get; be positive; and, have a happy attitude.”

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